The Space&Defense Industry Institute

The Defence and Space Industry Institute is a new think tank of the defence and aerospace industrial sector in Spain, which was created in order to provide an agile, dynamic and sustained response to the multiple opportunities that are opening up in the defence and aerospace sectors, which are in full economic and technological expansion.

There is a significant increase in defence budgets in Spain and throughout Europe and innovation, development and achievements in the aerospace sector, including the creation of the Spanish Space Agency, require strategies and actions aimed at achieving the greatest possible success on the part of the industry linked to the sector.

The need for a new forum for general conversation on the development of the defence and aerospace sectors was confirmed during the Space & Defence Industry Seville Summit 2022, held in the Andalusian capital on 22 and 23 November, under the title “Space, Security and Defence: industrial and technological capabilities”.

On the other hand, the Spanish Presidency of the European Union opens up great opportunities for high-tech sectors such as space and defence and their promotion in the Union as a whole.

Defence and the aerospace sector are strategically important for the Spanish economy, as they contribute to increasing productive activity, expansion into new markets, job creation, the welfare of citizens and the development of technologies and industrial capabilities. Furthermore, they improve our competitiveness and positioning in the European environment, where Spain should occupy a prominent and firm position, given our industrial, technological and innovation capabilities.

The Space and Defence Industry Institute is chaired by Ángel Escribano, President of Escribano Mechanical & Engineering, while the Vice-President is Ángel de Álvaro, Secretary General of GDELS-Santa Bárbara Sistemas, and Joan Clos, former Minister of Industry, Tourism and Trade, is in charge of the Delegate Commission. The companies Sapa Placencia and Urovesa, among others, also form part of the Advisory Board.